Democratic Socialists of America is the largest socialist organization in the United States. San Antonio DSA is a local chapter of DSA National that operates in San Antonio and the surrounding area.

We build and support working class movements for social change while establishing an openly anti-capitalist presence in San Antonio though community organizing, using a variety of tactics from direct action to mutual aid to electoralism.

We believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically — to meet public needs, not to make profits for a few.

We must stand and fight alongside those who face violence and exploitation, whether it be on the basis of class, race or ethnicity, gender or sex, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, or ability.

We support unions in the fight for living wages, equal pay, and safe workplaces. We demand an economic system in which workers control their labor and the means of production.

We believe that a home is not a commodity. Everyone should have access to housing that meets their needs and neighborhoods that foster vibrant communities.

We believe that everyone should have access to quality government-financed medical care throughout their lives. We are working to achieve this goal through a single-payer system, or Medicare for All.

A shallow, capitalist feminism promises more women CEOs. We, however, are socialist feminists. We believe in reproductive freedom for women to choose when and how they get pregnant, as well as the choice to seek an abortion, paid maternity leave, equal pay, freedom from sexual coercion at work and freedom from sexual exploitation and violence everywhere. When children are born, we must provide material support to ensure every child is raised free from discrimination, violence, and oppression.

We believe everyone should receive quality education at any level, from pre-K to trades, college, and beyond. Public education is crumbling from neglect and under pressure from charter schools. Higher education is reserved for the privileged or those willing to become shackled by debt. We are committed to education as a public good and expanding that commitment to include access to debt-free college.

We demand the abolition of prisons and police, an end to the war on drugs, and an end to barbaric treatment of inmates. We fight for a justice system centered on restorative principles that prioritizes rehabilitation over punishment.

Both at home and abroad, violent force is used as tool of racist oppression and capitalist exploitation. We demand an end to U.S. imperialism through the reduction and eventual disbanding of the U.S. military, beginning with nuclear disarmament and withdrawal of U.S. troops and military support from all occupied territories.

We demand transformative reforms, to urgently halt the genocidal accumulation of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and rapidly transition to renewable zero-emission energy systems that shift power from capitalists to the people exploited by them. We fight against new fossil fuel infrastructure and the privatization of public goods such as land, energy, and water.

If not stopped, capitalism will destroy our planet and those least responsible will suffer the greatest consequences. We fight to remake our society to correspond with our values: liberation, justice, democracy, material equity, and a deep understanding of our fates as interdependent with all living and nonliving entities that make up our shared planetary home.

We are stronger together than apart. Join DSA and make a commitment to build power through cooperation and solidarity. Become part of a community that shares your values.