Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid is a type of organizing that aims to make our communities less dependent on and vulnerable to capitalism by building support networks, sharing resources, and teaching new knowledge and skills. The Mutual Aid Committee has held fundraising events for asylum seekers, victims of domestic abuse, and abortion access, the Puro Mutual Aid Network, as well as planned skill sharing events around ecology and growing food. Currently, we're putting together care packages for houseless folks and working to get a community fridge running on the city’s west side.

Membership Engagement

The Membership Engagement Committee welcomes new members to our chapter and engages existing members. People are the driving force in any movement and we recognize that making them feel welcome and comfortable within our chapter is essential. We organize New Member Orientations and plan in-person and virtual events so members can socialize and get to know each other like movie nights on our Discord server.

Municipal Action

Municipal Action engages with institutional power on the local scale. This can include electoral organizing like school board and city council elections, but also involves organizing to make local utilities such as CPS and SAWS more democratic and less profit oriented as well as working toward housing justice and public transportation. The Municipal Action Committee has worked previously to help save the Hays Street Bridge, win a Paid Sick Leave ordinance, Climate Action Plan, and Defund SAPD. Currently, we are working on the Recall CPS campaign and looking forward to May 2021 elections for City Council and SAISD School Board.


The Labor Committee organizes workers at their workplaces to build working class power. We act in solidarity with existing unions and also work to organize the unorganized by connecting workers to the knowledge and resources they need to start campaigns of their own. Currently, we’re organizing service workers downtown and working with AFT Local 67 to fight for safe schools.

Ready to get involved?

To join any of our committees, attend one of their upcoming meetings or join their channel on our Slack to get plugged into their work. Meetings are posted on our Events page. For more information about Slack, see our New Member Resources page.