2021 Municipal Election Endorsements

Our Democratic Socialist slate of candidates doesn't need the backing of big business, developers, or the bosses, just the power of the people. The candidates and platform on this page were voted on at our 2021 local convention.


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SAISD School Board Slate running on
The Schools Our Students Deserve Platform

Endorsement Process

To begin the endorsement process, a candidate seeking the endorsement of San Antonio DSA must request a candidate questionnaire by emailing sanantoniodsa@gmail.com.

Engagement with membership
Upon completing the questionnaire, it is mandatory that the candidate seeking an endorsement hold a Q&A informational session with membership prior to the general meeting where voting will take place. This meeting can be called by a member of the Local Council, Municipal Action Committee Steward, or one of the candidate’s sponsors. These
meetings will be an opportunity for the candidate to introduce themselves and field questions from general membership.



Following the Q&A, the candidate must write a resolution to be brought up before a vote at a general meeting. Endorsement resolutions require a sponsor and four co-cosponsors, That meeting will need to meet 60% quorum to be eligible to be brought up for a vote. An endorsement resolution will require a two-thirds vote in favor of voters who are present to pass.

Disclaimer: Receiving an endorsement from San Antonio DSA is vastly different than being recommended in our voter guide. The voter guide makes recommendations and doesn’t require a full chapter vote or that any working groups are formed. The Municipal Action Committee researches races and ballot initiatives and decides internally whether or not to recommend something in the voter guide, but does not commit any resources or labor to those recommendations.