Recall CPS Campaign

San Antonio DSA is part of a coalition of progressive groups in San Antonio that have come together to reassert public control of CPS Energy through a charter amendment petition. The amendment will restructure the CPS Energy’s Board of Trustees by replacing them with City Council and the Mayor. The petition component needs to obtain 20,000 signatures from San Antonio registered voters in order to put the proposal on the May 2021 ballot.

Given the urgency of actions like closing the Spruce Coal Plant, this change will increase the power of every day San Antonians and diminish the business influence that currently make up the board. Working class San Antonians deserve more say in the long term decisions of the utility regarding rate structuring for bill payers and energy generation. The urgency of the climate crisis and the damage to our public health caused by dirty coal calls for greater control of the utility by its people.

To learn more about the Recall CPS Campaign and to sign the petition, visit their website. Additionally, attend one of our Municipal Action Committee meetings to get involved.